After driving the car for a minute or two, the wrench light comes on, telling me to 'see owner's manual'. What does wrench light mean on 2009 Ford Fusion? If you think this stinks, I agree. Last night as I was backing out of the drive I heard a loud. Ford Fusion Lights Reviews. However, I talked to an employee at Pep Boys, and he claimed that an OBD2 scanner would NOT be able to read any codes related to the wrench icon. I’m going to get 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid with Sync 3We just purchased this car last night. It is okay to drive it until you can set up an appointment for any Ford dealer to scan the car for fault codes and fix it under warranty. ISSUE: Some 2013 C-MAX, Fusion/MKZ Hybrid and Energi vehicles may exhibit the check engine lamp, and/or wrench lamp, and/or red triangle lamp illuminating accompanied by various … We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Which mine has not.. We notice our wrench light comes on. Falcon 9 TVC: Which engines participate in roll control? Do you happen to have a link for the technical bulletin? The wrench warning light came on the next day after my Ridiculous. my car does the same when driving over 75mph and I have a 2016 Ford Fusion SE. Since the CAN signal was present, but dirty, the wrench light only came on randomly. Ford Fusion Forums - General Topics. No, the yellow wrench light means a power train malfunction, this can also cause the check The wrench is another form of a check engine light. Mine was the throttle body and it needed to be replaced. My $0.02. Asked by Wiki User. When I returned and drove it, no warning ... CarGurus has 8,667 nationwide Fusion Hybrid listings starting at $1,363. On my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, I frequently get the yellow "wrench" icon which appears on the LCD screen to the left of the speedometer. 6 years ago. Recently, the wrench came on (for the first time ever) with my Ford Freestyle. I decided I should just buy my own OBD2 scanner so I could just check the code myself the next time the wrench icon appears. but as was stated above goes away once we start car back up.. Answer. Still comes on at As long as it wasn't driving funny when the wrench came on. 0 1 2. comes back on. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. SESU? Can Word of Recall teleport through planes of existence? I have the same problem with the "wrench light" coming on with my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid (front wheel drive), 40,000 miles. I replaced the throttle body just to The wrench light is NOT the check engine light! 2011 fusion wrench light wrench light keeps going on and car starts sputtering and has difficulty picking up speed - Ford 2011 Fusion question ISSUE: Some 2013 Fusion and MKZ vehicles may exhibit an illuminated wrench light with DTC P166A stored in the […] By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. The spanner symbol is operate by your engines ECU to indicate that your engine oil is at the end of its useful life and should be changed. The instrument cluster located on your Ford’s dashboard is equipped with warning lamps and indicators that allow you to easily monitor your vehicle’s condition and control settings. It came on once and stayed on for 15 minutes. fusions. 2006 - 2012 Fusion (First Generation) If you shop at (for anything), use this link to support! Eventually the MIL came on and a code was stored, but if I wanted to see the pending code, the wrench icon had to be actually on when I scanned. On my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, I frequently get the yellow "wrench" icon which appears on the LCD screen to the left of the speedometer.
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