I had lots of white paint left over from painting the ceilings of our remodel, so I used that. Roll the paint on in straight swaths. Sand Again Once paint has fully dried and before applying stain, give the furniture's edges a thorough sanding so areas of wood are showing through to simulate years of wear. The standard is 24 hours, but honestly, more is better with many paints, especially if there is humidity. On this project we had to reapply the stripper 4 to 5 times. Step 3: Test! It is best to prime all painting surfaces to prevent stains from bleeding through the new paint. The sheen of the paint doesn’t really matter because you are going to cover it anyhow. Been there done that. Apply Primer Before painting wood furniture, apply a layer of primer as a base coat. After drying up the second coat of primer, it is time to apply a white semi-gloss paint -has to be latex. This painted white furniture makeover is so sweet with that colored stencil up top. Step 3: Apply Paint Apply at least two coats of paint to your wooden furniture piece for best coverage and let dry between coats. (I use this orbital sanderwith variable speeds.) In the past when I would paint wood furniture white, I have to admit I was a bit worried about what it would look like in a few months. For flat surfaces, apply furniture paint using a 4-inch foam roller, taking care to avoid drips around the edges.If you mix brushes and rollers, check that the surfaces will look the same after the paint levels and dries by inspecting your work in the angled light as you go. I have difficulty avoiding drips on chairs when I hand paint them. Chalk paint lacks a sealer that most paint has and, therefore, requires a wax to seal the color … But painting furniture white is tricky, until now. Seriously! When we moved in, I painted those walls all Pearl White by Pratt&Lambert – actually a LIGHT grey with green undertones – which effectively kept the look cohesive and yet the lighting in each “room” changes the tone enough to keep it all from being too much of the same. Run the roller over the ridged part of the paint tray—fast, so that it spins. For the marble effect, apply oil-based gray paint by pouncing the natural-bristle brush for a soft mottled look. For small pieces of furniture with lots of small surfaces and edges, I love the ease of spray paint. If you are using a poly coating, using a high quality paint brush or paint sprayer apply a coat to the entire piece of furniture. It’s not difficult to paint your wooden furniture white, especially if the wood is unfinished or already a light color. 5. The process might not seem difficult at all- apply paint, dry, repeat- but if you want a professional finish, there are a few more considerations and steps involved. As a painter or furniture artist though, the white painted furniture makeover is often one of the things we dread the most. Pour the white latex paint and the water into the tray, then blend them together with a wooden stir stick. Gloria Dawson. You are trying to pick up any dust that you generated with the sandpaper. 6 Apply the wax. Coat the wooden furniture in a thin layer of latex or other indoor paint. Apply a thin layer of primer, brushing in the direction of the grain. Farmhouse shabby white painted furniture will forever have a place in homes across the world as will modern and sleek white painted furniture have their place in modern or transitional homes. Work fairly quickly, but don't apply too much paint at once. Use a synthetic-bristle brush for latex paint and a natural-bristle brush for oil-based paint. When painting furniture, allow adequate dry time between coats. To create the whitewash furniture paint, thin down latex (water-based) white paint with water; about two parts paint to one part water. Follow our step-by-step instructions for painting and distressing wood furniture … Learn how to paint furniture in the farmhouse style here. As your room’s décor changes, so too can the look of your wooden furniture. wicker chairs after second coat of paint. Grab a scrubby sponge and clean the entire surface of your furniture with a little dish soap, white vinegar and water. Tip: Applying paint with a paint brush creates peaks and valleys that will be more visible when you apply the stain, resulting in a more accurate antique look. Then follow up with a clean damp cloth and give a … As with all paint projects, you should never dive in without doing a quick swatch first. I don’t restore furniture to it’s original finish because it’s a lot of work. While the stripper is still wet, use the brush to remove paint in areas the putty knife cannot reach and to give it an overall scrub. You may be wondering why you should use furniture paint. Love this white desk. Painting mid century modern furniture when the original finish is in bad shape doesn’t bother me. Get all the details, here. Painted accent pieces can add charming touches for your home but can be less than charming if painted incorrectly. Be careful not to gouge the surface though: You're just looking to rough it up a little so the … Roll a good amount of paint onto your roller. Paint is designed for a specific use, the most common use being for your walls. If the finish or color of a piece of furniture is dated, it’s paint to the rescue! 7. It’s amazing the difference painting … This one excites me as we are going to be remodeling my office soon. If you are painting your furniture white or making a drastic color change, you will probably need 3-5 light coats of paint. Today I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to paint wood furniture white with no more worries. Get all the details, here. The Secret to Even Coverage. Let it dry. The same goes for sealer. Dampen one of the shop towels and run the damp towel all over the furniture. I did three coats of paint on each of my furniture pieces. A wonderful way to revitalise old furniture and have everything matching together well in a room is to paint everything white. We chose latex paint for its ease of use; however, oil-based paints are known for their durability and oftentimes the go-to option for wood trim and cabinetry. Latex paint works best for whitewashing because it’s water-based. Primer improves the paint's adhesion and durability. Your furniture will look much better if you use several light coats rather than a single heavy one. Furniture paint … Once you have your wood furniture and paint colors, it's time to get started! Use a paint pan with a pan liner to dispose of the waste (stripper and paint). And best of all, it’s not really difficult! Go over even surfaces of the furniture with a foam roller. Use a paint brush when applying the paint and remember to go in the same direction as the coat of primers which followed the wood grains. But from what I've learned over the years, sanding is a must. Most people suggested using an acrylic water-based paint. This one is great. If desired, lightly sand between coats to minimize brushstrokes. Likewise, an affordable buy can be made to look more expensive with a good coat of paint – especially as part of a whole decorating scheme. Be sure to start any painting project by sanding your surfaces with 150-grit sandpaper. Something pulls us to it! If a second coat is needed (and I usually advise at least 2 coats for normal furniture … You can’t go wrong with an off-white paint color and a touch of metallic gold. Why paint a Porch Post Coat Rack white when you can do a white base coat and then top it with a little glaze. You'll often find tutorials out there that claim you don't need to sand, and there are also lots of primers and paints promising that no sanding is necessary. Combine them until thoroughly mixed. Always paint furniture from the top down because if any paint gets on the bottom of the piece, it will be covered with the final coat. And if you do it yourself, the process of distressing and antiquing furniture is relatively inexpensive. Painting furniture is what I do. Step 7 To secure and add shine to your furniture, apply the water based polyurethane. Spray paint is oil-based so you will not be able to wash it out of your brush with soap and water. Using reclaimed wide molding and a few scrap boards made these Scrap Molding Signs come together and they look great on a mantel or shelf. It’s farmhouse or modern, traditional or contemporary. Spin it six or seven times to evenly distribute the paint onto the roller. Painting Furniture Furniture Painting Painting walls is one thing, but there are a few different measures you need to take in order to ensure that your furniture-painting project is successful. Nasty bleed-throughs and stains can rear their ugly heads much later. Paint Furniture in the Farmhouse Style. In addition the glaze helps seal my very flat diy chalky paint primer . White furniture, it’s classic. Mix a little brown or yellow latex or acrylic paint and water in a disposable container to create a watery glaze-like substance. Wooden furniture can be painted many times over. With a bit of liquid sander/deglosser, spray primer, spray paint, sandpaper, and stain, you can turn virtually any piece of wood furniture into a … This mid century sewing cabinet looks great painted. Well, not only is not all furniture paint created equal, but not all paint is created equal. Editor's Tip: When painting furniture, apply primer and paint in thin coats and let dry thoroughly between coats. If you’re all about farmhouse style, you’ll love an upgraded “lived in and loved” look with layers of patina and gray-toned white paint. I added the Floetrol paint conditioner to the paint which is meant to help reduce brush marks. Why not just use chalk paint or latex paint instead of spray paint? Mix 2 parts white latex paint with 1 part water in a paint tray.
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